Why Off-Road Motorcycle Riding is so Popular in Australia

If you live in the city, you wouldn’t see that many off-road bikes, yet according to recent statistics, the off-road bike is fast becoming the most popular class of motorcycle. While we do have some great roads in Australia, having the ability to go off-road is a definite plus, and if you are into exploring the wilderness, there’s no better transport than a powerful moto-cross bike.

Single Solo Adventures

If you are a single guy with few responsibilities, investing in a Yamaha YZ450F brings you a whole new level of freedom and independence. This state-of-the-art machine can handle all terrains and if you would like a test ride, search online for the nearest Yamaha dealer and book via their website. Of course, you will need the right type of driving licence and you can find the details on the government website.

Online Groups

Wherever you are in Australia, there will be at least one off-road biking community that organise group rides, which is a great way to make new friends. Try searching Facebook and you are sure to find off-road biking groups and you can get to know the community and attend meets.


Many couples own two bikes and they can pack their camping gear onto the bikes and head off for a few days camping. You can buy a solar blanket and a small lithium-iron deep cycle battery that will give you the essential power for off-grid camping. There are quite a few tech gadgets to make camping more comfortable, and if you subscribe to a GPS provider, your location will always be known, should you ever have to face an emergency.

Affordable Transportation

We all know how much fuel you need for a long road trip and many car owners made the switch to a bike for that very reason. You pay less road tax and insurance and for getting to and from work, a bike is ideal. You can expect 40-60 km per litre of fuel and with that kind of economy, it makes sense to leave the car at home.

Exploring Trails

There are long trails in every state, which allows you to explore areas that are remote and these locations can be found online. If you are not far from Sydney, you have the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley to explore.

If you would like to book a test ride on an off-road bike, contact your nearest Yamaha dealer and see what they have.