Where can you get a cheap carfax report?

When you are in the market and you need to buy a new car, there are many chances that you might get deceived into buying something that you don’t want or something that has been obtained illegally. Something that nobody wants and doesn’t have anything that would make it worth buying. Or, you might get a car that would be absolutely okay with your budget, legal and everything and yet there might be something related to the history of that car, that could spoil your purchase.

What is a Carfax?

For instances like these, you need to get a cheap carfax report for the car that you want to buy.

Carfax reports are basically the historical data of the vehicle that you are buying. Whatever thing that you buy second hand, you always ask as to who the previous owner might be and is there any problem with the history of the product, as to whether it was damaged once, or more than that. That is basically what Carfax reports are.

Where can you get a cheap Carfax report?

If you’re buying your car online, with the help of a website, online websites do provide cheap carfax report, which helps you to understand the history behind the car that you are buying. This is exactly why you should always opt for Carfax reports, as they give you a detailed understanding of how the car was before it came into your hands. But as far as websites are concerned, there are many things that are hidden with websites and they do not show the full Carfax reports.

But, if you want to buy a car from an offline enterprise, then you need to be very careful with respect to Carfax reports as they are not provided everywhere.

What are the types of information included in a cheap carfax report?

There are many types of information that are included in a cheap carfax report, and they are recorded with the help of a 17-digit unique vehicle identification number(VIN), which includes everything related to the car’s history. These types of information are as follows:-

  1. Past owners and the residential information.
  2. Major accidents and minor accidents that the car went through.
  3. Maintenance history and EMI reports of the car.
  4. Structural damage happened during any type of accident.
  5. Repairs and the number of parts which are replaced, since the car has been bought.
  6. Manufacturing recalls, or anything related to the company which sold the car to the first customer.
  7. Manufacturing defects, engine variables, and other such things.
  8. Any criminal shreds of evidence found inside the car or anything related to the law.
  9. Odometer readings, pollution control and RC of the car.
  10. Warranty information, if it is still inside the guarantee or warranty period.

Carfax reports would not only help you to understand the history of your car, but it would also help you to understand how the car has been treated till now, and what are the pros and cons of the same.