How to avoid being locked out of your car



Have you ever been locked out of the car before? If you have, you know how frustrating and depressing it can be. You can take steps to make sure you aren’t looking through the car glass while you have your car key inside.

Don’t Get Locked Out


We all know that daily activities tend to make people forget things quickly, and one of them is accidentally leaving your keys inside your car, which can often lead to locking yourself out. The major challenge with getting locked out is knowing who to call at the right time, even when you’re frustrated or upset with the situation. Here are a few ways to minimize this problem.

  • Having Your Car Keys With You All Times: You should learn to have your keys with you. This will deter people from stealing your car, but it’ll also help you ensure you don’t get locked out.


As easy as this might sound, one still needs to learn to get in the habit of taking their keys with them. Make sure to have your keys before stepping out of the car; double-check that you have them before closing the door. Your brain adapts to tasks that are done regularly, but it takes about two weeks for your brain to begin registering a new change automatically.

  • Spare Key: This is also a good way of avoiding being locked out of the car and making frequent calls for help.

Having a duplicate of a car key can be difficult at times due to their brands. You need to walk into an authorized organization with experience and get your spare key.

However, you need a valid ID for cars with chips and others to have a spare key. You can leave the spare key at home, but what if you are far away from home and have this problem. In that case, you can place the spare key in a purse or wallet so you always have one when you leave your car.

  • Calling the Services of a Locksmith: When you get locked out of your car, you can easily reach out to aaa to unlock your car.
  • Duplicating Spare Keys: Be sure you are duplicating the original car key. This is because the more one duplicates the key, the less reliable it becomes, making the key not perform very well in the car lock.
  • Car Key Fob: Lock your car with the FOB and keep the FOB with the key. Using this method, one will never lock themselves outside the car because the car won’t lock until the FOB lock button is used.



You don’t want to have to pay regular visits to the locksmith. But by any chance, you are locked out, and you can’t help it, do not hesitate to call upon the services of a competent locksmith, like AAA.