4 Best Honda Bike Models In India: Type, Price, and Specs

The engines of Honda motorcycles are noted because of their high level of refinement, as are many other premium characteristics. They provide exceptional power delivery in addition to good performance when it comes to fuel use. There has been a lot of chatter among those who are passionate about motorcycles about the possibility that several of its most awaited models would soon be available for purchase in the Indian market. We want to make things as simple as possible for you; therefore, we’ve compiled a list of Honda bikes sold in India, complete with information on each model, including its price & technical specifications.

Honda Hornet 2.0

The motorcycle, known as the Honda Hornet, was presented to the public in September 2020. This is the first time that Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has competed in the 180-200 cc motorcycle class. Therefore, the Honda Hornet 2.0 is a wonderful option to consider if you are searching for a vehicle that combines outstanding performance with remarkable fuel economy. These Honda bikes have a maximum output of 17.27 horsepower at 8,500 revolutions per minute, and their engine has a displacement of 184 cubic centimeters. Automatic transmission with five different gear ratios is mated to the engine. It’s also been updated in the suspension section, and the rear set now has forks that are positioned in an inverted position. It has a mileage of 57.35 kilometers per liter and a price tag that ranges between 1.3 & 1.32 lakhs Indian rupees when purchased outside of the showroom.

Honda Shine

Shine is the name of Honda’s new limited-edition motorcycle, which boasts an impressive mileage of 65 kilometers per gallon. The engine of such a motorcycle is a single-cylinder, single-ignition (SI) engine that has a four-stroke and 123.94 cc capacity. The Honda bike has a torque of 11 newton-meters at a speed of 6000 revolutions per minute (rpm), and it generates 7.9 kilowatts of power at 7500 rpm. This motorcycle has a capacity of 10.5 liters for its oil tank and can be initiated either by using the self-start mechanism or by using the kick-start mechanism.

Honda CB350RS

This Honda bike within the nation is a cruiser bike that is offered in two different versions. It is driven by a BS6 engine that is 384.36cc in displacement. The bike is capable of producing up to 21.07 horsepower at 5500 revolutions per minute, and it has a maximum torque of 30 newton-meters at 3000 revolutions per minute. The Honda CB350RS has a gearbox with five speeds, a hazard switch, and a double hydraulic rear suspension as standard equipment.

The Honda CB350RS comes equipped with a dual-channel Anti-lock Braking System and two different types of disc brakes. This bike comes in a choice of two colors and features a semi-digital instrument panel in addition to LED taillights for its illumination. For a price starting at 1,99,400 Indian Rupees, you may call the Honda CB350RS your very own (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

Honda Unicorn

The Honda Unicorn is just a motorcycle that has a mileage of 55 kilometers per liter with a single-cylinder engine that is 162.7 cc and has four strokes. The bike has a power output of 9.5 kilowatts when it is spinning at 7500 revolutions per minute, and it has a torque output of 14 newton-meters when it is spinning at 5500 revolutions per minute. This motorcycle is equipped with both a Kickstarter and a self-starter, and its capacity for holding oil in the tank is 13 liters.

It comes equipped with a variety of features, including a brand-new anti-lock braking system as well as a Honda engine with a 160cc HET BS6 displacement. Other features include these. It is equipped with a battery that does not require regular maintenance, in addition to having a sleek analog meter console. It also has a higher elevation of clearance as well as a switch that will stop the engine if it malfunctions.

These are among the top Honda bikes that you can choose from to ensure that you are buying the best one.